DJ Cale

Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Area Since 2014.


Business website for DJ Cale, representing the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

A few key ingredients are necessary to take any celebration from dull to outstanding. I've got you covered with all new premium equipment. 


The turntables

A premium professional DJ controller, like my Numark NS6, is a little overkill for typical disk jockey duties, but I wouldn't bring anything cheap to your flawless celebration. This is a rugged, durable, heavy, and dependable deck, built to keep the music going all night long. I've seen some other DJ's using plastic beginner decks to mix music. No way!


The Microphone

My Shure 55 is a top-of-the-line cardioid mic with a warm, clean sound that only comes from quality mics. And look how PRETTY it is. It's been photographed more than I have! 


Well, these kind of speak for themselves, don't they? Let's just say the difference between a library and a night club isn't just books

I'll also bring:

  • two handheld wireless microphones for toasts and speeches
  • a wireless lapel mic for your minister
  • two 15" professional portable speakers
  • one 12" portable speaker for sound in multiple locations if necessary
  • a table and a luxurious tablecloth